The abuse of animals in all its forms is a familiar phenomenon. We are referring to abuse of street cats, stray dogs, donkeys and horses. This phenomenon includes: abuse for pleasure. These are usually children who see the animal as a accessible and easy object to abuse.

Those activities are characterized by throwing cats / dogs from high places, burning cats / dogs, hitting / killing using various means (poles, stones, glass bottles, etc.), cutting limbs and more.

In addition, there are business / shopping centers / restaurants owners and tenants who find these cats to be nuisance and take different measures to get rid of them. The vast majority of cats born into this reality don’t survive. Most born puppies, die in a just a few days.

The surviving puppies reach puberty within a few months and bring the next generation to this world.

The increase in the population of street cats violates the delicate balance that exists between man and animal within the urban space.

As a result, the suffering of street cats is huge. The citizen sees the cat as a cause of diseases, pollution and a nuisance that must be disposed of and leads them to take drastic measures towards this animal, in order to maintain a “clean” environment.

We can stop it!