It’s not enough to want to change … you have to know how.

Every day we witness phenomena in which the fate of animals is abandoned by interested parties, by unscrupulous, unemotional, and immoral people.

What the public is exposed to is only the tip of an iceberg. The really difficult phenomena occur deep in the ground. Keep away from your eyes.

Animal trafficking, dog fights, abuse of animals and street cats, offenses in the field of livestock, and much more.

PTROA goes into places where the authorities have no foothold, where the rules change, where the population speaks a different language. And the only victim is the animal itself.

Our mission

PTROA operates according to one guiding principle that creates a framework for its operation and that is to zealously maintain animals’ basic rights, no matter who they are.

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Our goal

The PTROA organization brings tidings in this area. This is the first time any organization has dared to take the subject of animal right to a whole different place.

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We are here to make a change.

PTROA operates on the basis of one guiding principle that creates its framework of work and is firmly adhering to the basic rights of all animals everywhere.

Since its establishment, we have worked on organizing a mechanism that can cope with the bitter reality in which animals live every day. We were required to develop a unique method of action for this field.

We set up a ground unit. The people who comprise the unit are graduates of elite units in the Israeli army and other security bodies. These people are carefully chosen through a screening process that examines their abilities in certain areas. Once received, these people undergo a training process that prepares them for field and desk activity.

In order to achieve its goals, the organization sees great importance in operating people at a high level, so that they can bring real results and “deliver the goods.”

We enter deep into the ground, expose the methods, those involved, document the offenses, the scope of criminal and economic activity, and of course the suffering caused to the animals.

Meet the team

The PTROA organization, with its headquarters in Israel, is comprised of former IDF special-forces and intelligence officers, the best of the best.

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Founder statment

During the years I have learned that we lack the ability to really understand the beings that live alongside us. We have never really managed to understand their needs.

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We look criminals straight in the eyes!

Our working assumption is that the complete exposure of these phenomena will make it possible to totally eliminate them, thereby bringing about a new reality.

The organization’s greatest advantage is its ability to obtain the information required to bridge the gap between the phenomena that exist in the field and the ability of the authorities to deal with them on both the investigative and legal levels.

The organization’s work methods have been borrowed from existing and proven work methods employed in other fields, and have been adapted to the nature of the organization’s activities.

The organization uses high-quality technological means which allow it to unequivocally achieve its goals.  The activities of the field unit include all of the necessary characteristics needed to obtain the necessary information in a sensitive environment.

We delve deep, uncovering the methods and those involved, documenting the crimes and the scope of the criminal and economic activities, and of course the suffering brought upon the animals.