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Animals live in an unacceptable reality. We all have to do something to break through this vicious cycle. In order to make a significant change in the field, in order to succeed and change the approach, it is necessary to aim high, very high, as high as possible. That’s why we need you.

We have the solution.
We have the experience, the knowledge, the trained people.

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This is your chance to contribute to a real improvement in the lives of animals around the world

What we do with the budget?

We will be able to increase the number of personnel and spread over more extensive areas. We will be able to professionalize the organization and better prepare them for the activities they perform. We will be able to continue to refine our method so we can provide a perfect solution to the existing phenomena on the ground. We will be able to acquire additional technological means that are so essential to our field and desk operations. We can improve our intelligence system so that the vast amount of information accumulated in the organization will not be lost and will be able to serve us in making assessments, statistics and a better understanding of the various phenomena and the way to deal with them.

For a better method …

For a better technology …

For better intelligence …

For more professional staffs

.Be a part of a real change