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Before submitting your report:

Please read this before submitting a report.

In order to successfully submit a report, please obey the following instructions:

  • Please supply us with your real details so we can corroborate the reliability of your claims, if need be.
  • Also, please supply us with a working email address.
  • Please avoid interpretation and speculations. Try to be as factual as possible in describing the event and avoid omitting information that you may think is irrelevant. Sometimes there are small details that may seem negligible, however, in reality, they can be extremely important to fully understanding the occurrences.

For your information, after we receive your report we will investigate the claim and act accordingly.

We do not commit to addressing every report, but please keep in mind that even if we do not

immediately react, it is still very important to submit the information so it can be stored in our database for future reference.

Cases that we do not deal with:

  • court cases
  • animal adoption
  • animal location
  • rescue missions,
  • cases already under police investigations.

If we do decide to act immediately as a result of your report, we reserve the right to contact you to get more details.

If we decide to open a case file as a result of your report, we will notify you via the email you supplied when filling out the form.

After opening a case file we will contact you to get further information in writing.

If we find that there are other entities that can help in investigating the case, we will ask for their written testimony as well.

The information you submit will determine what will be done with the information and will establish the reliability of the case.

Keep in mind that we do not and will not use the information for legal purposes. The information you submit remains confidential, unless you agree to openly participate and give us written permission to do so.

After opening a case file we will not give you further information regarding the details of the investigation, this in order to maintain the reliability of the case.

You can check up on the status of your claim with the case file number you will receive by email. You will be able to find out if we have received your report, if it is pending, or if we have opened a case file and so on.

If a case file is closed for any reason, you will be notified via the email you supplied when filling out the form.

If you have any question that isn’t related to the report form, please use the following form to contact us…

Thank you for filling out a report form.

A copy of your report will be emailed to you.

If you have encountered an individual or entity that committed in the past, is committing in the present or plans to commit in the future ,an offense against any animal, please notify us and we will act accordingly.