Did you know? Millions of puppy mills operate around the world, making puppies for profit.

There’s a vast global market for badly bred “purebred” puppies. These dogs have become very popular, purchased as fashion accessories by people who are interested in having pets to match their personal preferences, but who don’t want to pay pedigree prices. So, really, the dogs only appear to be pedigreed.

The growth of social networks has contributed to the massive increase in trade in such dogs. In fact, these days, anyone of any age can open an online shop and sell “purebreds” without supervision. These commercial farms are called puppy mills. As the name indicates, puppy mills are large-scale breeding farms, usually hidden from public view, that cause great suffering for millions of dogs around the world.

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Millions of dogs live in constant suffering

This industry is worth millions of dollars a year, and the goal is to make as much profit as possible, at the expense of the welfare of the animals themselves. This drives the owners of the breeding adults to keep them in extremely difficult conditions. Most of those dogs spend all of their lives untouched and unloved, in solitude and filth. Sometimes they are kept in basements or dark, crowded warehouses, without even minimal standards of care. They never leave their cages, go for walks, or see the light of day.

Most of those dogs spend all of their lives untouched and unloved, in solitude and filth. Sometimes they are kept in basements or dark, crowded warehouses without even minimal standards of care. They never leave their cages, go for walks, or see the light of day.
The dogs are forced to mate over and over. The males are kept tied up and the females are continuously impregnated with no recovery time between litters, the sole purpose of the females being to produce puppies.
In most cases the breeding is done by force. The female is tied up so she can’t move or resist, and she is forcibly bred with the male.
In most cases the pairing is made with family members, for example, between a mother and one of her puppies or between a brother and sister.
The puppies are separated from their mothers too early, sometimes before they’re even weaned. The puppies are often starved to keep them as lightweight as possible, resulting in poor development and high morbidity.

What’s behind the cute puppy you just bought?

The vast amount of inbreeding, carried out by people with no knowledge or expertise in the field, causes the expression of many diseases and genetic issues: respiratory problems, labor complications, severe pelvic pain, arthritis, limping, and even loss of function in the legs.

Other genetic abnormalities cause the dogs to have problems such as massive intracranial pressure, serious neurological problems, severe pain, allergies, aggression, epilepsy and others.

Many puppies do not survive, having been born with severe medical and behavioral problems and genetic defects. Sometimes there is no choice but to euthanize.

The breeding females suffer from mammary infections and uterine cancer.  Females who are no longer fertile after constant breeding are abandoned or euthanised.  Puppies not good enough for sale are abandoned.  As these puppies of questionable breeding grow, it often becomes clear that they are not the kind of dog the owner thought he was purchasing.

For each purposely bred dog, a homeless dog dies

This extensive and unregulated industry subsequently creates other severe animal welfare phenomena. One is the mass abandonment of dogs who don’t meet the buyer’s standards.

Due to the inbred genetic diseases and lack of physical similarity to the actual race, many owners abandon their dogs, which eventually end up in shelters and rescues.

The added burden of these badly bred dogs on the sheltering system created another major problem: the mass killing of healthy, adoptable dogs.  These dogs, who should be easily adoptable, are instead killed because of lack of cage space.

Millions of dogs are euthanised around the world because of this secondary phenomenon caused by unregulated breeding.  Dog buyers create huge demand and, in this way, contribute to the killing of unwanted dogs in shelters. We are talking about massive, unnecessary suffering to dogs in what is otherwise a so-called “civilized” society.

It’s time to put an end to puppy mills

PTROA has the capacity to end commerce in puppies.  It is the only organization in the world specifically built for these missions.  Every PTROA operative has served in a special military unit and in intelligence.  These women and men are carefully selected after a strict vetting process.  They undergo training that teaches them to handle the most complex, challenging missions.  These people have experience in the field of covert operations, gathering information and then building an intel file.

PTROA has built a winning mechanism for dealing with every animal abuse phenomenon and person of interest. Our system was constructed from proven intelligence methods adapted to use in animal welfare.

We know how to do the job!

Pledged of 35,000$

Funded: 22%

PTROA’s intent is to put an end to the puppy mill phenomenon around the world, using the special method we have developed:


In the first stage we work to locate the main breeding centers and describe their activities in detail.


The second stage involves exposing the puppy mills and their conditions. We also identify the operators of the mills, their breeding methods and violations of law.


In this third and final stage, we establish contact with relevant authorities so that they can complete their own investigations and file indictments.

We also make our own recommendations, based on our experience, to promote and enact laws that prevent the phenomenon from expanding.

Coming soon to your country

Eventually, PTROA wants to share its methods and expand into other countries. But for this to happen, we need your help.

Why Israel?

Israel is the ideal place to start, for four reasons:

Israel is a microcosm, representing almost every one of the world’s cultures.

Israel has a set of animal welfare laws already in place.

In Israel, the breeding and sale of puppies is as common as in other countries.

Israel has the personnel to deal with the phenomenon.