Within the Palestinian Authority,  Animal Welfare Law does not exist. Awareness of animals’ welfare and needs is very low. In addition, the existing mentality and prohibitions in the Islamic religion inhibit the possibility of developing an open and inclusive community that meets the needs of animals.

The result: mass deaths of dogs and cats through killing by fierarms and poisoning, under the auspices of the local councils. The abuse of wild animals, poor possession and neglect of farm animals, the use of horses and donkeys disproportionately.

The goal

Minimizing phenomena in animal husbandry and applying the Animal Welfare Law.

The intent

PTROA intends to penetrate the Palestinian Authority and to act to change the society’s perception of its attitude towards animals by establishing a joint team of Palestinians – Israelis – foreign citizens, called PIF

The method

  1. Establishment of an animal center that will serve as the basis for all activities in the PA.
  2. Establishing joint ventures to reduce critical phenomena.
  3. Building an information system
  4. Preparation of a draft animal cruelty law based on Israeli law.