The organization’s goal is to change the existing reality in society regarding the treatment of animals and their wellbeing by maintaining the rights of all animals. We operate in the following fields: locating and exposing dog fights, animal abuse, poisonings, illegal fur trade, illegal experimentation, infringement of livestock regulations, smuggling, illegal possession of endangered species, illegal animal shows and more.

The basis of our existence, as well as it’s calling, is a result of the acknowledgement of the natural right of all animals to live with dignity and security.

The organization focuses its efforts on intelligence and information gathering.

The organization operates according to one guiding principle that creates a framework for its operation and that is to zealously maintain animals’ basic rights, no matter who they are.

In order to fulfill its purpose the organization operates a collection unit. Our staff served in elite units of the Israeli Army and other governmental agencies. These people are carefully selected through a strict elimination process that tests their abilities in specific areas. After being selected, they undergo further training that prepares them to work in this field of expertise (field and desk work).

Our organization feels that to achieve its goals there is a great need for quality people, those who can bring the best results and “deliver the goods”.

The PTROA organisation is active in these fields:

  • Dog fights

  • Illegal animals trade

  • Animal abuse

  • Illegal experiments on animals

  • Livestock violation

  • Illegal shows for entertainment

  • Neglect

  • Slavery

  • Illegal poaching

  • Change in living tissue

  • Illegal possession of wildlife

  • Violations of the law of Veterinary Medicine

  • Horse riding attractions

  • Force-feeding of geese

  • Smuggling

  • Illegal horse racing

Our main tasks:


Information gathering, a very powerful tool in dealing with criminals; investing many resources to collect information on crimes in the field of animals’ rights. Processing and analyzing the information. Our organization is the eyes and ears which will warn us of upcoming trends. The organization’s success heavily relies on secrecy.


To change the social concept throughout every layer of the population regarding the treatment of animals and their wellbeing, conveying the message that animals need security and protection and need to be treated according to different rules and social norms of those that exist today, and eventually, changing society’s awareness in this field.


To use the vast amount of information that is being accumulated in our organization as intelligence and to turn it into academic research that will help to paint a picture of the reality in Israel in this field. To understand the sources of phenomena that exist in the field and to always monitor these phenomena as a part of the changing reality.