All around the world we are witnessing horrifying acts against animals. The animal sphere has never received the treatment and status it deserved and we intend to change this fundamentally. Our goal is to change the world social perception of animal rights as defined by law in each country. The PTROA organization brings tidings in this area. This is the first time any organization has dared to take the subject of animal right to a whole different place – the right place!

The situation in the world today:

Most countries have legislation protecting animals, but there is not always proper enforcement. Reality in the field is completely different from that which the law was meant to achieve. This area is completely breached, when the safety, the dignity and even the life of an animal is entirely at the mercy or us humans. The authorities enforce only a small part of these phenomena. But when it comes to severe phenomena, the situation is completely different. We are dealing with just the tip of the iceberg, the severe and horrifying phenomena occur deep underground, far from the eyes of the public, where the authorities have no foothold, where the rules of the game change, where the population speaks a different language. And the only victim is the animal itself. In the current reality, citizens can make use of animals for their own gain, and the animals are perceived as a means to gaining profit or other personal gain, or simply for entertainment. In many cases these people are not aware of their trespasses and the suffering they cause. Even cases that are identified and handled by the authorities are not always fully prosecuted, for lack of physical evidence and sometimes because it is not a subject that is on the public agenda. This is many times harder with a population such as animals, which has no voice of its own.

Where does PTROA come in?

This is why PTROA was established. We at PTROA constructed a mode of operation, an apparatus that can deal with every phenomenon in the field. We go deep under in order to expose these phenomena and root them out. We expose the methods, the individuals and the groups involved; document the offenses, the extent of financial operations, and the torment inflicted. We look the offender in the eyes and we demolish their operation at the foundations. We plan on making fundamental changes; our goal is to change the global social perception of animal rights as legally defined by each nation. PTROA is news. This is the first time that any organization has dared to take the issue of animals’ rights to a new level, to a new place – the right place!

About the organization and its goals:

The PTROA organization was founded in 2009 and is recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Justice as an organization concerned with protecting the rights of all animals. In addition, the organization is defined as one acting to collect and identify violations of the Animal Welfare Act, committed by civilians and other organizations. The purpose of the organization is to change society’s existing perception of the treatment of animals – change through the creation of a new reality. The organization acts by identifying and mapping the phenomena that exist around the world. Mapping includes: marking areas, intensities, bodies involved, methods of action, populations involved and more. In addition, the organization studies the causes for these phenomena. It is important to us to know why these occur, what the perceptions of those involved are and their level of awareness of the violations they commit. This activity is fundamental and requires patience and persistence. The mapping process is not easy, but in the end it allows the organization full control of the field and the information and through that the ability to respond appropriately. Our working hypothesis is that full exposure of these phenomena will enable us to root them out and establish a new reality in which animals can live in dignity and security. As well as mapping the various phenomena, the organization identifies specific targets. The information collected regarding these targets includes: violations committed, identifying details, methods of operations, income and more. The collection files we compile present as full and detailed a picture as possible of the activity of these targets, including incriminating evidence to enable full investigation and prosecution by the relevant authorities. In this way the organization bridges the massive gap between the requirements of the Animal Welfare Act and the various authorities. This gap exists because of due to the lack of an appropriate enforcement mechanism, method, professional personnel, knowledge and ability to deal with these phenomena. The PTROA organization strives to fulfil this need and even cooperates with the various authorities to achieve the targets it faces. It should be noted that the organization forbids its members from participating in animal-related demonstrations, conferences and activities, so as to maintain its character.

With the vast knowledge the organization holds, we have the ability to achieve this goal. We use the knowledge and experience we have acquired to build the ultimate organization to unequivocally, successfully and professionally face the severe phenomena the exist around the world.

The phenomena dealt with:

The organization addresses every phenomenon around the world: dog fighting, live-stock offenses, illegal experimentation, riding attractions, the abuse of strays, neglect, mass poisoning, abandonment, slavery, governmental violations and so on. Yes, everyone is equal in the eyes of the law and everyone is accountable for their actions. The principle of action is to expose these phenomena and not just isolated incidents. In addition, PTROA indicates trends and publishes recommendations for policy makers in order to help them create the necessary legislation, to understand the existing phenomena and to successfully deal with them.

The method of operation:

The organization’s activity is conducted entirely in secrecy. None of the men and women assuming the different roles in the organization are exposed or come into open contact with the targets. Therefore, the organization gives clear instructions for the activity of its members, which are designed to protect them from exposure. The organization does not interfere with what goes on in the field, but rather documents the reality as it is, with the aim of exposing it. All activities are carried out legitimately, according to the rules and instructions set out by the organization. The organization’s methods of operation are based on known and tested methods which have been adapted to the nature of the organization’s activity. The organization uses high-quality technological means, which allow it to achieve its goals clearly and absolutely. The field unit’s activity includes all the necessary characteristics for achieving the required information in an environment with unique characteristics.

Why Israel?

  • Israel inhabits the sharpest minds in the field of intelligence..

  • Israel has legislation to protect animal rights.

  • Israel represents a microcosm of the global community.

Israel has the best infrastructure to establish a strong and effective organization like PTROA, a successful model that could be imported to other nations around the world.a

The structure of the organization:

In order to carry out the various missions, PTROA has a recon unit which is the core of its activity. The unit comprises to sub-units: the intelligence research unit and the field unit. The intelligence research unit works on analysing the information and online recon. This unit is made up entirely of volunteers who gained experience with information systems during service in military intelligence units. The organization utilizes an information system that contains all the relevant information. The field unit includes men and women who have experience with the various security forces. These volunteers are carefully screened and selected. They are trained to meet the requirements of the various roles in the organization and the organization develops and improves continually thanks to the knowledge and experience each volunteer brings with them.