NIGMA – Global Reporting System

All around the world people commit various offenses against animals, every day, every minute. Some of these cases surface and we hear of them on the news or on the web, but due to the continuous flow of information they immediately disappear and are therefore forgotten. There are many cases that don’t even reach the public sphere. This situation prevents us from knowing the true extent of what is really happening in the world, as far as the welfare of animals, and also prevents us and the proper authorities from addressing the various phenomena.

This is where NIGMA comes in. NIGMA is a new, one of a kind, database designed to address this problem. This system gathers every piece of information, any way possible, regarding criminal, immoral and “un-kosher” activities against animals, wherever they are. This system enables us to paint an accurate and true picture of occurrences around the world and to react appropriately.

*Nigma walckenaeri is a green cribellate spider up to five millimetres long, the largest of the family Dictynidae. The spider catches insects, sometimes larger than itself, in its web, which it builds on the surface of leaves. (Wikipedia)

What does the database include?

The system collects every piece of information regarding the welfare of animals. We collect the data through various channels of information. This job belongs to the desk team, who is in charge of intercepting information and to catalogue it: video; images; online activity (forums, social networks, blogs, etc.); your reports, of course; newspaper articles; material gathered during field work and more. Most important! We flag targets (people and locations) that we suspect of breaking the law or of committing immoral acts towards any animal. These targets are kept in our system and we constantly monitor them. The advantage of this system is that nothing gets lost or falls through the cracks. Even if we forget, the system will always remember.


The system monitors phenomena and can give us an up-to- date status report about any phenomena, or country, according to the parameters given. We can pin point the places that require more focus than others. It is important to us to know people’s motives, why they treat an animal the way that they do, why one phenomenon exists in one place, but not in another. The answers to these questions can help us build a model for coping with each phenomenon on its own.


Throughout the whole mapping process NIGMA presents statistical data regarding each phenomenon, such as: population, age, social background, gender and so on.

The system enables us to build a profile of the serial abuser. With this data we can predict the evolution of a certain phenomenon and even research serial abusers.


The targets that we monitor will never be able to escape us. A target (person or place) that has committed a crime (convicted or not) is registered with us and will be checked out. If we decide that there is a need to take action, we do so, and moreover, if the target commits another offense, the system will notify us. This is a great advantage in a situation in which otherwise, a target could quickly go underground and potentially get away with its crimes. The system also helps us locate targets with serial criminal tendencies towards animals and to act accordingly.


With time, the system will be able to paint a dynamic and updated picture regarding the occurrences in each and every country. Even if in a certain country the law is lacking, we still have the option to present a status report to the proper authorities regarding the state of affairs in their country, including recommendations and successful models for addressing the problem. In a country without any legislation protecting animal rights we have the option to draft a detailed report including an updated status report and recommendations for the relevant authorities as to which regulations need to be put into place in order to protect animals in that country and how to deal with the existing phenomena in that aspect.


Urgent cases, which cannot wait, receive special treatment. We open a collection file to get results and to accumulate substantial evidence that will allow the authorities in the country which the offenses are occurring to utilise the investigation and the legislation to the fullest. In these cases we operate a special collection team. This team uses various methods to create an intelligence file which includes not only evidence that ties the target to the crimes, but also recommendations for the proper authorities.

Your cooperation

We believe that only with your help can we gain substantial control in the field of animal welfare around the world. Your diligence and awareness of what is happening around you, in your town, in your country, and even cases that you encounter online or otherwise, are the key to creating a strong and effective control system. The more you report to us, the more you inform others about this system, the more substantial results we can achieve and the faster and more effectively we can bring on change.

You can report from anywhere.

We have created a form on our website so you can submit reports. This form is linked to the database and after submission your report is reviewed by our staff. You can submit a report from wherever you are using your computer, tablet or smartphone. You can actually report an offense as it occurs in front of you. All you have to do is document the offense with your smartphone, access the form on our site and attach the file directly to our database.

You can report here…


We pledge to completely respect your privacy. We do not involve the reporting party for any reason. In specific cases we will contact the reporting party in order to get more details regarding the case; however their name and personal details are always kept secret and are never passed on to outside entities.