The recipe for success is a combination of knowledge, experience, professionalism and acknowledgement of animals’ needs.

The PTROA organization, with its headquarters in Israel, is comprised of former IDF special-forces and intelligence officers, the best of the best. These individuals were hand-picked and carefully selected after a long elimination process. They were chosen for their experience, their professionalism and their abilities. These individuals care about animals and they seek to change the reality of the situation of animal rights around the world. These individuals are up for the task. These individuals endure further training that enables them to work in the realm of animal rights as well as maintain a constant level of qualification.

Anat – desk agent

Anat (alias) served in a classified intelligence unit in the IDF:

“I joined the organization in order to teach people that animals have right and that these should be protected. The animals are an inseparable part of our lives, we surround ourselves with animals, live with them in our homes, use them for food, clothing, research, and so it is important that we take care to protect their rights.

Daniella – field agent

Daniella (alias) served as an officer in an elite classified intelligence unit in the IDF:

“I have always found it painful to see the situations humans put animals in and I have always sought a way to change this. Animals are pure creatures and we have to do everything we can to protect their rights. When I heard about this organization I realized that it was exactly what I was looking for to give what I can for them and I sought my way in. The level of awareness, punishment and exposure to the horrors that animals are subjected to has to change, and this is what we are here for.”

We are able to achieve our goals because of the vast amount of knowledge that the organization has. We have taken the knowledge and experience that we have accumulated and built the ultimate force, an element that can successfully and professionally deal, without a doubt, with the harsh phenomena that exist around the world. Animals deserve the best and we are here for them. Now is the time to make a change.

Josef – intelligence officer

Yosef (alias), a former IDF officer, served in an Israeli national intelligence organization:

“I joined the organization because I realized that we had forgotten that animals are not here to serve us, they are here to live alongside us and with us. We take shocking advantage of those who just want are company and affection, it’s sad, it’s shocking and it has to change. There is no other possibility.”

Abu Amir – tracker

Abu Amir (alias), a member of the field team, served as a tracker in the IDF:

“I come from a sector in which the awareness of animal rights is very low. I joined the organization because I saw is as an opportunity to better acquaint myself with the phenomena in this area and play a role in ending them. In addition, it is important to me to bring my own professional experience, which I accumulated during my military service as a tracker. I have the ability to identify signs of crimes committed in the field. My role has a great advantage when it comes to tracking signs of a dog fight, even if it happened a month ago.”