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יורם ארז - ראש ארגון פטרואה

“Humanity’s greatest tragedy was losing a real connection with animals on earth”

Yoram Erez, PTROA Founder

All animals, wherever they are, need security and protection, and we – humans – are required to provide them with them.

During the years I have learned that we lack the ability to really understand the beings that live alongside us. We have never really managed to understand their needs. The majority of our contact with animals is based on a relationship of exploitation. Thankfully, many countries all around the world have already realized that animals are living beings with feelings and needs and that legislation, in the form of The Animal Welfare Act, is needed to protect these needs. The legislation may differ from country to country, however the intent is clear.

Legislation has been around for many years, and it even improves, but there is still a gap between the dry law and the reality on the ground. Unfortunately, what the public sees and hears about, as far as crimes against the Animal Welfare Act, is only the tip of the iceberg. Underneath there is a lot of activity, if in the field of illegal trade, dog fighting, illegal experimentation, entertainment attractions, livestock infringements and so on.

With time I realized that if we don’t take a practical and drastic course of action the situation will only continue. Therefore we must do something to break the cycle. Only we, mankind, can provide animals with the security they need and the relief that they deserve. This is our duty. Entrusting the fate of an animal to one who is not aware of its needs is unacceptable. We need to create an alternative reality, a reality in which citizens understand and are aware of how to treat animals, from small to big. A reality that seeps in and starts with the regular Joe, through the policemen and women, and all the way up to the highest judge. To the point where there is no country, city or village that doesn’t completely succumb to this understanding.

The way to achieve this is by establishing an apparatus that is capable of dealing with every existing phenomenon around the world within the realm of the Animal Welfare Act. My premise is that in order to bring on substantial change we need to establish an organization that will be able to do that at full capacity, and for that we need the right people to act in the field. We need to raise the issue of animals to the level of security, understanding and the right perception.

This is why I established PTROA. Our organization’s big advantage is that it is capable of getting the required information and to close the gap between the existing phenomena and the authority’s ability to address these phenomena legally and investigatively.

I am frequently asked why there is a need for such an exceptional organization and my reply is that in order to bring on a substantial change in this field, in order to succeed in changing the attitude, we need to aim high, as high as possible. To do that we are required to operate an apparatus that can address these phenomena on the ground, an organization that can relay the message and go everywhere the Animal Welfare Act can and beyond. The trick is to be able to deal with the harsh phenomena and to expose them, to dig deep and to pull out the weed from the root. To succeed in this and to manage such an operation, PTROA uses a very fine sift. In order to locate the right people for the job we use a very strict and precise elimination process.

And here I come to a very common question, one which I am repeatedly asked: “why such a strict elimination process?” Well, One’s personal beliefs aren’t enough. PTROA’s staff has a specific skill set which allows them to work in the field. These missions, that no other has been willing to take on, are imperative to the safety of animals everywhere.