The dogs that come to fight in those battles are mostly Pit bulls. They’re being stolen from houses backyards or being raised by dog ​​breeders especially for this purpose. During their short life, the dogs go through their “training” in an awful captivity conditions which includes severe violence and very little movement in order to create great aggressiveness in them and make them ready for the battles as much as possible.

A few days before the battle, these dogs are being deprived of food or water until they get to a state of severe starvation, then the owners will even throw at them dogs of other species, which he found in the street. They do all this actions in order to awake the prey instinct in those dogs. If the dog owner wants to keep his dog’s energy high for a long period of time during the battle, he’ll give his dog speed pills.

The battles are divided into two parts:

Occasional battles: These battles take place mainly in distant and isolated areas from the public eye (fields, abandoned buildings). Most of these battles are not planned in advance and exist spontaneously. Battle from this sort requires rapid telephone coordination and there isn’t much money involved in participating in them. The main profit from this kind of battle is primarily a boost for the dog owner’s ego.

Organized battles: These battles are planned in advance. It includes a small group of people who know about those battles and are involved mainly in gambling on the winning dog. In this kind of battle you can find large amounts of gambling money. The battlefield is surrounded by a fence and built in such a way that the dogs have no way to escape and are forced to fight until the last drop of blood.

In these events there are a few fight categories. Each dog is sorted to its own category, and there is even a referee for each battle. The crowd which is invited to the event is very small.

In both cases battles are usually fought to death. Each battle can last from a few minutes to about half an hour. This is more or less the time period that the dog can hold up. The battle ends when the losing dog can not fight anymore or until he dies.

If the losing dog is badly injured from the battle, its owner will leave it to die in the field or throw it in an isolated place. If the losing dog still manages to survive the battle and get relatively minor injuries, he’ll usually be thrown to the street without medical treatment. These dogs usually find their death on the street after a couple of days.

Dogs which are designated for fights are systematically abused. Those dogs will end up in a battle, during which they will have only two options – to kill or to be killed.

The dogs who survived the battles don’t receive professional veterinary care. Those who have been successfully removed from the cycle of terror have little chance of being adopted by a warm and supportive family, because the killing is so deeply ingrained in them that there is a great chance that they will be dangerous to their new owners and family, especially to small children whom the dogs see as weaker.

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