The phenomenon of animal trafficking is so widespread that we aren’t aware of its true size. In fact, we only see the tip of the iceberg. We consider part of this phenomenon to be: trafficking in open markets, animal sales shops, massive trafficking on the Internet, and trafficking in private homes. This phenomenon doesn’t end with presenting the animal to the potential buyer in the market or in the store.

The phenomenon includes providing unregulated conditions, transporting them to and from the point of sale in vehicles that are unsuitable without the appropriate license for transporting animals. Buyers who want to buy animals from dealers actually see the animals only at the auction, but they aren’t aware of the whole process that takes place behind the scenes or under the surface.

When we talk about animals trafficking in open markets, we recognize the possession of these animals in difficult conditions without any supervision at all, transporting them in private or open vehicles when some of these animals don’t survive, without any water or food, no shelter from sun or rain, unbearable crowding, some are held in boxes and waiting for their turn to be sold. Many animals don’t survive all the hours in the markets and are thrown into the trash can.

The keyword here is money.

Not only the authorities unable to supervise everything that happens in this industry, they can’t even if they really wanted to, because of the phenomenon’s scope.

Even on the Internet, it doesn’t get easy for animals. Many are traded in exchange for money.

The organisation “PTROA” has identified people who found an easy way to make money by non-stop breeding dogs and selling them online. The sale of the Internet by nature is unsupervised and unregulated.

In addition, there are owners of stores that sell animals and hold them under inappropriate and illegal conditions.

We can stop it!

How can you help?

If you want to help us stop it? If you believe in our way to reach significant results …. It’s your time to take action. Every vision, every step requires resources. We have already achieved everything: the method, the knowledge, the manpower, the mechanism, the belief in our ability to eliminate these phenomena. But we can not do it without your help. It’s your time to take part in real change …